The Girl in Fitgirl Logo | Audrey Tautou

you are indeed a fitgirl repack user and whenever you install jer repacks you see a pretty girl in her repacks and on her website. The name of the girl in the fitgirl logo is Audrey Tautou a french actress

Audrey Tautou became famous because of her move Amelie (2001) . There are no evidence of why fitgirl uses the picture of that girl in her repacks. well in our view the usage only symbolizes a girl, in her point of view, it's only a picture of a girl.

Previously she shared that her website gets around 1000 views per hour to her website and she also boasted that she was not knowing this fact unless and until she installed a WordPress plugin that showed stats and figures.

To get more information bout Andrey Tuto visit Wikipedia for more info

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