[SOLVED] Beacon Pines FPS Drop, Lag, and Stuttering


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Beacon pines can easily be played even on a low-end personal computer with more than 90 FPS smoothly. So the majority of gamers do not find it difficult to play beacon pines but even then some of our viewers are finding it hard to play the game smoothly.

Beacon pines is more like an adventure game full of mysteries. 

Now finding it hard to play it, it starts to lag or stutters during the gameplay or you are facing an FPS dropout so here is inforealnow to your rescue. You are surely in tension because of all of these issues. Here are some Fixes to boost your gameplay.


As we know that beacon pines is not a high graphics game so, in order to use the maximum power of your personal computer, you can easily set the process priority to high in the task manager. Doing that will prioritize the .exe process of your game. The computer will ignore all other processes and will shift all of its focus toward your game.

Follow these steps to set priority to high

Step 1: Open task manager by right-clicking the toolbar present at the bottom of your screen

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Step 2: Goto the Details tab in the task manager 

Step 3: Right-click the process Beacon pines

Step 4: Select priority

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Step 5: Under priority, set priority to high


Are you a laptop user or a desktop user who has adjusted your computer or laptop to save battery life and use less energy or you do not know about it yet, don't worry we have a solution for it? Follow these simple steps to boost your computer by simply toggling an option present on your computer.

Step 1: Open the control panel

Step 2: Open battery or power saving options in case of windows 11

Step 3: select adjust for best performance


Closing unwanted processes is the best option to release some Ram for your gameplay as we said earlier beacon pines is not that heavy game that's gonna use a maximum of your ram but you can see in the task manager that when google chrome is working so it gonna use 80 per cent of CPU processing power so we should close that for the sake of our game, here is a list of some of the app that you should close before playing beacon pines.
  1. Google Chrome
  2. Steam overlays
  3. Antivirus Softwares
  4. Firefox
  5. Opera
  6. Nvidea browser

Update your graphics driver

Your graphics driver might be outdated so you should update it because it's always a good idea to have a skilled driver for your graphics card.❤

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