Real GOG PC games website | is it safe

 Just like the fitgirl repacks website has many fake versions of it and the real website is not so easy to find, this website of GOG PC games website also has many domains claiming the name but there is a hell of a lot of difference between these websites. but do not worry inforealnow has your back and or team has done extensive research on this topic and have gladly found the real and legit GOG PC games website


When you will write GOG PC Games in the google search engine following websites will appear. this will confuse you a lot but google is working hard to overcome this factor it already has worked on its SEO to give its users total legitimate results.

Real gogpc games site

All of the sites shown have SSL and are secured. but as our team analyzed the traffic of all of the websites we come to know the website is a real and legit site. the website's quality is also outstanding.

gog games website

so things are now more clearly the real GOG games website is the site which is shown as the second result from google you can see this image, hope it helps


Yes, the website is safe in terms of product distribution but is not legal because it distributes games that are pirated. so in any case you should be careful before downloading games from this website. but if we see some of the customer reviews on Reddit we come to know that 

Yes it is 100% legit.

GOG specializes in DRM free games.

DRM has been destructive to PC gaming for many years as it reduces system performance to protect against piracy


gog games website is a safe site and you can trust it while downloading something from it, you can also get redeem codes from it and yes we come to this conclusion that GOG.COM is a safe site. 

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