Things that you should know about before using freegamedl

 Freegamedl is a renowned site with thousands of visits per day and generating income through donations from its loving fans. Still, people on the internet have some doubts about the authenticity of this website's content. We know that free gamed is a site that distributes pirated games and that's illegal and it is the unauthorized distribution of software. but the big companies like Ubisoft and others don't have much doubt about this fact and they prefer to keep it flowing as it increases the total number of players over the world.

The people ask the following about the website

  • Is safe?
  • Is legit?
  • Is safe Reddit?

Is safe?

The answer is that risk is there but according to the people on the internet the site is pretty safe and secure but pieces of evidence there that people are facing viruses and all that stuff and malware also but netizens think that this site is safe.

I used this website to install Lumines Remastered (since i couldnt figure out how to install iso files that i got from igg games.), and it works well! Tip for using it tho, Use the Mouse Wheel to open the download links in another page, so you dont open 69 viruses


Is legit?

Yes it is legit and satisfies the user and provides the people with the most secure content ever possible yes but you must remain conscious and vigilant and keep installed the anti-virus software

Is legit Reddit?

Here are some reviews from the people of Reddit



Well, this thing does not matter whether this site is safe or not but this thing matters that whatever this site is trying to do is illegal and informal and this must be greatly discouraged. comment down your opinions in the comment box.

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