Is IGG games safe?

 Igg games is a pirated games-sharing website and you should know that this site is also the top performing site. This site igg games should not be confused with the igg I got games site but we should know that is it safe to download stuff from igg games. According to most of the viewers on quora and Reddit, they say that this site is 70 percent safe but you should know this thing DOWNLOADING GAMES FROM THESE SIYES IS NOT SAFE!

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INFOREALNOW.COM greatly discourages this type of content. Please do not fall for scams and placing viruses on your computer and mobile

Viewers on quora say that

Yes. IGG Games is completely safe, the only unsafe thing is the huge number of ads that make you download something else that’s not the game you want, make sure to use an ad-blocker. And try to avoid Megaup links because there’s always hundred of ads.

Most people say that cracked games are full of viruses and malware but they are not, the game itself is not what contains the viruses, it’s the content in the ads that has viruses and malware. I downloaded a lot of games in this site and never got any virus or malware.

but you can download games from igg games safely because I also have been using this software for over the past 2 years and have never faced viruses. but remember to install antiviruses. you can also read an amazing article from the TAPVITY site here. they have also shared quite good information regarding this topic

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