Washma Fatima Biography [ boyfriend,income etc]

 Washma Fatima is a Pakistani actress who rose to fame from the web series inspector bulla. she became famous because of her acting and beauty. currently, she is playing the role of Fatima in that web series. her Instagram followers are inflating vastly due to her growing popularity. washma Fatima is a beautiful actress. She has also played the role of shahzeen in hum tum drama Pakistan. Washma Fatima's Instagram followers are around 100k and increasing rapidly. She is liked by all age groups and all genders. 

washma fatima bio

Washma Fatma Biography


washma Fatima is 23 years old and was born in Lahore


 she lives in Karachi along with her family they are open-minded and her family supported her in the cause of joining showbiz and fulfilling her dream which she already fulfilled and in excelling
washma fatima biography


washma Fatima is not yet marriedđź’… but the news is roaming that she might be married to Rahim pardasi aka selfish Nasreen actor as his second wife so let's wait and see what happened. Her role has affection for her. Actor and model Muhammad Subhan Awan are said to be her boyfriend. She gave a hint in an Instagram post where she said that he is her partner in crime and a best friend.

washma fatima biography

At this time both are sharing safe sentiments with each other


Her carrier started right at the moment when decided to dawn her carrier at the end of 2021 and she rose to the heights of success very easily, firstly she appeared in a serial bisaat and played an optimistic role. Soon after that she became part of the cast of hum tum drama and achieved some success. Her fortunes arose higher when she was granted a role in the drama serial inspector bulla. Since then she has acquired more fame.
washma fatima biography


Washma Fatima is said to be a millionaire and her total net worth is estimated to be 3 million dollars. She owns a private home in Karachi

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