[MOD] C-47 skytrain GTA 5 [VEHICLE]


Inforealnow presents you with the all-wanted Mod of the C-47 Skytrain GTA 5 with exciting features. The C-47 Skytrain plane for GTA 5 has exciting features such as its interior and exterior. Please comment down to support me. We have made this mod with a lot of  hard work so please show some love and support by commenting and sharing your thoughts in the comment section


The C-47 Skytrain GTA 5 has the following features

  • Elegant interior and exterior
  • Detailed textures
  • Derailed propellers
  • Rudder, propellers, ailerons
  • GTA 5-friendly textures
  • Beautiful colors
  • Throttle lover
  • Customizable colors
  • Real landing gears


Some pictures of C-47 Skytrain

C-47 skytrain gta 5

C-47 skytrain gta 5

C-47 skytrain gta 5

For further information read the txt file attached to the download file

Make sure to DISABLE YOUR AD BLOCKER in order to download the file

  • Firstly disable your adblocker
  • click on the download link
  • there will be a text file in which there will be a link to download the C-47 Skytrain GTA 5, e have taken this step in order o to secure the download.
  • hope you enjoy the all-new C-47 skytrain 

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