is SAFE ?

The site repack-games has millions of users online and the site is generating millions of dollars through its repacking business but you should keep this thing in your mind that whenever you download something from the internet you are at great risk and need to double-check the source. this site is also one of them if you use a  mega-thread then you are at lesser risk

do let me know what you think about it. when every game is repacked it might contain some viruses the developer or the person who is repacking the game for you might unconsciously imbue virus in the package and it would wreak havoc for you so if you want to stay safe over the internet so I recommend that you start using some antiviruses so with prons comes cons.

so after all the research, I have done I came to know that the site repack-games is safe to use and you can also read a few of its user's satisfactory comments about the repack they have used.

 I downloaded a lot of games on this website and all of them worked! Their site is always up-to-date with most of the games and I think it's a great site. I higly reccomend it.



Another satisfactory user says that

Man they just want to let everyone know that the site isn't a scam. What is your probelm? Someone thinks that repack-games is a scam, but we, the pepole on their discord, are here to say that it isn't.

Btw if they tell us to go write something nice on this post, we can say whatever we want. If the reviews are good, then it's because the site is good.

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