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 Is ovagames safe?

Ovagames is a site which is trusted by millions of users worldwide and hardly anybody got any problem from this site which distributes pirated games and packs them. So basically you should know one thing that upon the reserch of team inforealnow we got to know that ovagames does not posses any virus but however the repacks might contain viruses unconventionaly. You must be very much careful when downloading games and other stuff from ovagames.

Can I trust ovagames?

Well this thing you should ask your selves that when you are playing a game and not paying for it so we greatly discourage this type of attitude and it needs to be reprimanded but if you are using this stuff then the risk is there 

But the answer to the question that whether you should trust ovagames or not so you can trust ovagames but not blindly. listen to some reviews of its users. Let's see what they say

It is fairly safe, according to the sticked megathread. But, as with everything, always be carful with what you download


bruh i have downloaded more than 30 games from there and never got any issue , sometimes there are some false positives (i got the most with medal of honor), skip those and you're good to go(just check if you're downloading from the original ovagames website there are some fakes too)


no problems, downloading my fourth game from there now

Are ovagames trusted?

Ova games are greatly trusted and used by millions of users worldwide. You can trust ova games. Please give your feedback in the comments section

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  • Anonymous
    Anonymous July 18, 2022 at 10:59 AM

    it means that i can download games safely

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