[SOLVED] Dodi repack stuck

 Dodi repack is a great nail-bitting competitor for fitgirl repacks and as well as your ocean of games but these great performing websites there are certain problems that people are facing. People download games from Dodi repacks but are facing certain problems such as

  • Dodi repack gets stuck
  • Unlimited screen loading
  • Stuck at 90 percent
  • Stuck at 99 percent
  • And in some cases stuck at even 100 percent
But fear not inforealnow comes to your rescue for this issue. Basically talking technically these issues prevails because they are many other instances working in the background.

dodi reapck error

What you can do:

Always download a repack from the original Dodi repack website and avoid spammers and scammers because their repacks contain malware and as well as spyware embedded in your game. The game would also be there. Studies have shown that over 80 percent of content downloaded from unauthentic sources contains viruses so try to download content from the original source. if you want to know which is the real dodi repack site CLICK HERE by visiting this page you will surely get to know about the real dodi repack site.

Steps before installing dodi repack 

  • Close all background apps running on your system the instance of dodi repack
  • Have more space than required in the install directory
  • Make sure that you have closed all the antiviruses working on your system. In the case of windows 10 close the window's defender
  • Name the folders where you are installing your game only in Latin letters
  • Install your game in the shortest path possible because it will reduce the time lapse
  • Do not install the game in which your operating system is situated

If you face hurdles in installing the game

  • Re-hash the downloaded repack files using our torrent and refresh them accordingly
  • Install all VC++ Redistributables (esp. VC++ redits 2013)
  • Set UAC to a minimum level (Never Notify)
  • Make sure you have enough Virtual Memory
  • Run the setup with Windows 7 compatibility
  • Run the setup in Safe Mode
  • Delete unarc.dll file in system folders
  • Run setup with proper rights and regulations

please cement below if you have more queries.

some videos to watch if the problem persists:

how to turn the UAC user account on or off

Isdone.dll or unarc.dll error code-1

Isdone.dll or unarc.dll error code-11

How to rehash files/refresh using torrent clients

Direct x error

Isdone.dll or unarc.dll error code-12

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    Anonymous May 16, 2022 at 1:28 PM

    isdone.dll error successfully resolved .

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