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  behold the greatest show on earth stands on the unwelcoming sands of Arabia. and army known for its strength, a thousand tribal men armed with the best of weapon series, every battle fought speaks volumes about the army itself but the opponent presents a stark contrast, not a name in history no gifted armor not riches for procurement no steeds to add to the strength, judgment in the favor of thousand against 313. the batttel commences.the very same proud army known for its strength has lost its progress and fame. every blow of Muslims proves fatal to the pagans the ground shakes with their fervor. the battle tilts towards the side of a seeming minority the enemy seeks refuge casualties 14 Muslims 70 pagans. the auth which those 14 Muslims had taken became a lodestar guided the eternal enthusiasm let the to the pinnacles of faith eternity granted they did not die they rose for an immortal life, lies jotted int cannot overshadow the facts jotted in blood. ( TOPIC ) 

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