[SOLVED] RDR2 lag when changing settings

Changing Resolution/Any Graphics Setting Slows Game go Unplayablity (RDR2, PC) [solution]

we have been getting requests from a lot of clients that whenever they change the graphics settings from high to low or low to high in both cases they get lag and stutter in return to writing a post on this issue. because it is getting worse but you know very well that there is a solution to every problem and we got that solution and will definitely convey it to you. RDR 2 is a very famous frolicking

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Whenever I try to change resolution, which is eternally stuck at 1600 (which, might I note, is not the size of my computer screen). The second I hit apply, the menu comes up, and at first goes slowly frame wise in showing the confirm and literally everything after, including loading screens, ends up completely lagging to Heaven and back. This also happens when I try to change any other graphics setting, and apply. I can technically get out, but it also lags through all the menus as well. I already tried uninstalling the game completely, and reinstalling it, it did nothing to help. Before this started, I could run the game just fine and it certainly did not run like this in the menus


solutions to RDR lag when changing settings

SOLUTION 1: switch the game engine from Vulkan to DirectX in the Advanced Graphics settings

most of the time this issue prevails just because of the pity game engine. try switching I from Vulkan to direct x. see if it works and one thing more is that both of these game engines are highly classy and canonical and cannot be ignored. please do not take this as my personal opinion. the reason for this article is not to defame anyone.

SOLUTION 2: deleting the config/settings file in your profile directory

delete the configuration file in your profile directory because even if you change the graphics settings in-game but from the config file it doesn't changes so make sure it changes.

SOLUTION 3: change your graphics card (just kidding)

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