RDR2 black screen on startup [SOLVED]

Many players of the great game red dead redemption have reported that they witness a black screen whenever they try to play the game on the contrary. it would be quite obnoxious to say that the problem is being solved. but the problem is solved anyhow. inforealnow.com displays possible solutions to this problem. if you are facing issues like infinite screen loading, stuck on loading then you are in the right place to solve your problems like many other players did.

      Try out these possible solutions if you like. 

FIX 1: Run as administrator

FIX 2: try to verify the game integrity

FIX 3: Disable any type of antivirus software

FIX 4: Don't mess up with safe files

FIX 5: Shut Down V sync

FIX 6: Lower graphics settings

FIX 7: Increase ram

FIX 8: Add any GFX tool

FIX 9: install the original version of the game

following are the explained features of the above points

FIX 1: Run as administrator

if you run the game as an administrator then the problem is likely to be fixed.
  • Right-click on the game icon
  • Click run as administrator
  • give administrator permissions to the game
  • run the game
well through this technique success is not guaranteed but it's a 50-50 ratio.

RDR2  black screen on startup [SOLVED]

this works because when you try to run the file as administrator because when the game is not run as administrator its majority of features will not be run, which is as a result will utter game startup failure

Always use an administrator account when playing a game because that guarantees your best gaming experience

FIX 2: verify game integrity

Try to verify game integrity for it fixes many errors present inside the game.

1. For Rockstar Games Users
  •  just Open the Rockstar Games Launcher on your computer
  • Go to the Settings
  • Click My installed games option
  • Select RDR 2
  • Click the Verify Integrity 

2. For Epic Games Users
  • Just Open Epic Games launcher on your beloved pc
  • Go to the Library menu
  • Look for the RDR 2 as specified in the list
  • Click the cog icon 
  • Click Verify

After doing above mentioned things you may start the game as an administrator but consider restarting your pc. 

FIX 3: Disable any type of antivirus software

if you have any type of antivirus software installed, immediately uninstall it for it may delete some game files which it may term as malicious. if you are using windows 10 or above consider turning off windows defender. 

There is no harm in using antivirus software while playing Rdr 2 but to keep your game files safe from others and the third-party software you must get rid of this type of software. but inforealnow does not degrade any type of antivirus software and totally disregards itself in doing this.

FIX 4: Don't mess up with safe files

It has been observed a lot of times that users usually mess up with safe files of a cute nice game that has nothing to do with chaos. 

FIX 5: Turn Off V-Sync

V-Sync is a feature that restricts your game to run on the same fps as your refresh rate of monitor. This feature stops screen tearing, but in some cases, this can cause lag and ultimately crash the game.

FIX 6: Increase Ram 

Red Dead Redemption is a huge game that requires a large amount of ram and processing power. If you encounter crashes frequently and your PC's ram is low you can consider buying more ram.
If you on a budget and can't afford new ram we have a turnaround,
you can increase your page file size.

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