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Updated method for fitgirl repack stuck solution 2023

Fit-girl repacks are the most loved repacks all over the world. fitgirl repacks are highly compressed files that are way low compared to the original size of the game. despite its being famous, users are facing many problems regarding the installation of FG repacks. inforealnow has brought the solution to the problem.

Users face these problems with the FG installer:

  • Installation is stuck
  • FG installer doesn't open
  • Fitgirl repack is stuck at 99%
  • How to speed up fitgirl repack installation?
  • Why does fitgirl repack take too long?

Possible Reasons  Behind the stuck:

  • user is implementing multi-tasking despite his/her computer's performance
  • broken files or missing
  • potato computer
  • Antivirus may intervene in the file directory
  • turn your antivirus off 
  • some software may not be installed on your computer like c++, direct X, Dot Net framework, etc.

Solutions for Fitgirl repack stuck:

Now there is one thing that you have to imbue in your mind, and that is to run the installer in SAFE MODE.

Solution 1:             BE PATIENT

patience is the ultimate key to this problem, you might be thinking that I am joking but I have reasons to believe that the situation that you think fitgirl repack is stuck, it's not really stuck at that point because it is being processed at that time. whenever you download a repack from fitgirl you would see 2 to 8 bin files like:

fitgirl repck stuck solution

they are very large files and they require a large time to execute themselves, even core i7 requires 2 hours to execute. so BE PATIENT.

Bonus Tip: Verify bin files before installation,  it may take an hour or more than that but it helps a lot. 

Solution 2:      Limit installer to 2GB ram

 Whenever you will have to install a fitgirl installer, it will have an option like USE 2GB RAM, tick this option there are 95% chances that your FB installer will not get stuck if you have selected that option. by selecting that option you get yourself into the safe zone of not getting stuck.

see it is written there Limit installer to 2GB ram so use this one.

Solution 3: Make sure you got space in the                              destination folder

I request you to please do not let go of that message that an FG installer displays that there is not enough space in the destination folder. if you ignore that then it is going to be stuck for sure.

Solution 4:   Have enough processing speed 

alright, I am not trying to say that it is not going to run on a low-end PC, but I advise you to please do not do multi-tasking when that Fg repack is being installed.

Essential Steps

Kindly read the context very carefully before doing anything.

The username of your windows has to be in Latin and numerical only

many repacks and folders are coded in the latest codex and they have a difficult time executing the file named in non-Latin symbols, so always use non-Latin numbers while repacking such complex repacks, and if done otherwise the executable may crash while doing so tip number one is that not to use nonlatin symbols as the name of Elon musk's name XAE-12. That way the folder name will be a good one and all the above-mentioned software and cracks will work.

[Fix] [Fitgirl] - Not enough rights to write to the destination folder

Rehash the torrent file

torrent downloads the file from all around the world in a very sophisticated manner and after those hurdles, you can play your games so if those packets of data get disrupted so nothing will benefit you while installing the infected data. so in this case rehash the torrent files to solve this issue

Steps for rehashing in uTorrent.

    1. Open uTorrent and select the downloaded repack
    2. Stop this download
    3. Press the right mouse button and select “Force Re-check”  
        fitgirl says After rehashing is complete, it will be either 100% (GOOD, OK TORRENT) or incomplete (like 99.8%). In that case start this torrent again and let it finish. Then rehash again to make sure that NOW it’s complete. If the rehashing always drops down from 100%, you have a bad memory module (DIMM), and should replace it as soon as possible.

        Disable antivirus

        Disable your antivirus software before downloading or installing any type of pirated game or software otherwise, your windows defender or antivirus will clinch some of your files, and your complete program will be distorted and will not run so it's a good idea to disable the antivirus.

        Set UAC to a minimum level (Never Notify)

        UAC (User Access Control) is another framework, that "safeguarding" you from dubious programming. It very well might be fairly valuable for all-out noobs, who see the PC first time throughout everyday life, except if you're here downloading repacks, I suppose you're not an all-out noob any longer.

        Complex repacks require the execution of various (de)compressors from the User Temp organizer. Default UAC settings limit those records from execution, halting the installer.

        When you set UAC to a minimum level then things become quite simple because then you don't have to worry about your downloaded files and your game is going to work just fine, done and dusted.

        So I would say that it is a good idea to toggle this option as defined. it will definitely minimize your chances of crashing of fg installer.

        Have Enough virtual memory

        Installers and unpackers require virtual memory to process data and in the unpacking process. So if there will not be enough virtual memory then you can not expect anything good from the fg installer, plus there is an option inside the fg installer, it says to limit the virtual memory to 2GB so there is no need to select that option.

        No matter whatsoever is the case, never ever select that option. Also, another thing that you can do is to set the priority high in the task manager here are the steps to do so

        Steps for setting the priority to high in the task manager for any program

        1. Open the task manager
        2. Right-click the program or the process in the task manager
        3. go to program details
        4. Select set the priority to high
        So what is going to do is to a lot a greater bunch of virtual memory for that program to be executed.

        Common errors and solutions

        I can’t run the setup.exe, it’s missing or nothing happens when I try to launch it!

        Here are the things you can do to fix that
        first of all you need to disable your windows smart defender or smart screen because this option should have blocked the setup when you tried to open it.

        1. While the file is on your desktop or in one of your user folders, right-click or press and hold on the file, and click/tap on Properties.

        2. Under the General tab, click/tap on the Unblock button, and click/tap on OK.

        visit this to find more info

        NOTE: If you do not see an Unblock button, then the file has already been unblocked

        Not found any file specified for ISArcExtract

        [FIX] Fitgirl repack stuck 2022 ||Repacks Trouble shooting

        Fitgirl has a detailed solution for it read it here

        Your download is broken, some BIN-files are not complete. To solve it, rehash the torrent, following instructions written far above.
        You didn’t download all necessary files for your selection. Say, you’re installing the game in English, but didn’t download setup-fitgirl-selective-english.bin from torrent or filehoster. Download required file and try again.
        You’re running the installation from a folder with a weird name, like “C:\Users\ВАСЯ-ПУПКИН\Downloads\__[rutor.is]_Super Fitgirl Repack [FitGirl Repack]\”. In such cases setup.exe can’t see it’s BIN-files and can’t proceed them. Move setup.exe + all BIN files to a shorter path, like “C:\Repacks\Super Repack” and run installer from there.
        You have antivirus or UAC active, which prevented rebuiding of temporary archive (I use them a lot) and thus that archive can’t be extracted. So, disable AV or UAC and reinstall the game.

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        • Anonymous
          Anonymous November 10, 2021 at 12:58 PM

          wow man that 2gb ram option really worked

        • Anonymous
          Anonymous November 18, 2021 at 11:02 AM

          i wonder how fitgirl repacks the games?

        • Phantom
          Phantom January 18, 2022 at 1:49 PM

          so, this was the first time i tried fitgirl repacks, I successfully downloaded game 1, game 2 is the one with the issue, and game 3 torrent file is still downloading. Anyways, i downloaded game 2 first, had no idea what redistributables are, and it unpacked successfully, now it was asking me to repair the 4-6 redists of 64 and 86, but thinking i only needed some, i rejected one 86 redist, the process entirely stopped. Now, after successfully downloading game 1, i researched and tried to redownload game 2(sims 4), atleast 4 times, and it gives me error code -11 EVERY TIME, also it always stucks at 90.9 percent at client full build package SP02. I'm currently trying to stop my windows defender for minutes to see if i get some progress, also i did the file verification before installation as well as after the error showed up, as well as restrict it to 2 gb ram. i play on windows 7 btw, and i cannot find what error code -11 means from anywhere. please help me get this to work.

          • INFOREALNOW
            INFOREALNOW January 18, 2022 at 2:19 PM

            hi there,
            1-Make sure more then the recommended space is free on the drive you are trying to install.
            2-Disable Windows defender
            3-redist are important but are not directly related to the repack they are for the game and you can always reinstall them, but if they appear during install just install them because installer are some time forced to install .

        • Anonymous
          Anonymous January 22, 2022 at 1:15 PM

          admin iam also facing this issue i recommend to please post on this topic. please....

        • Anonymous
          Anonymous May 31, 2022 at 9:00 AM

          It's stuck on compressing files at 95% for the last hour or so

          • Anonymous
            Anonymous June 2, 2022 at 4:01 PM

            same here but when I tried using the 2gb ram option. it worked . try that bro it might help

        • Anonymous
          Anonymous July 31, 2022 at 5:59 PM

          Once it happens to me But I solved this problem.

          I was installing Shadow of The Tomb Raider FitGirl repack.

          And suddenly it stucked at 22.1% and then I thought to download new setup.

          But again it stucked at 42%.

          Then I searched about it more and more but nothing solved this. Some says that you should go safe mode, you should uninstall your antivirus, and bla bla bla…..

          And after an idea came in my mind and yup it worked for me.

          The Idea was…..

          I was installing my game in my local disk D which was filled with another games.

          Then I decided to install it in my local disk E which was completely empty or have 200 to 5000 kb files.

          And when I did so then I shocked that it was not stucked and also installing faster, it tooks 1.5 hours to me.

          If the idea worked for me then follow me, Just kiding 😂

          Well you should purchase games but I know what you guys gonna do till you can’t purchase it. And sorry for my bad english.

        • Anonymous
          Anonymous July 31, 2022 at 6:00 PM

          I have also had a problem with the installation, after i have finished the set up and the files load, it shows i have 2 bad files and the game crushes after 2 mins of playing. Does anyone know how i can fix it?

        • Anonymous
          Anonymous September 4, 2022 at 7:53 PM

          can you help my setup is stuck on reduplicating files from 30 min

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