FAR CRY 6 Animal violations

    Animal mocking in far cry 6

It has been observed that there is ultimate mocking of animals such as Cocks, Hens, small lambs, etc in our beloved game FAR CRY 6 but how come they came into existence. different images show this brutality. Even an animal rights group PETA has urged Ubisoft to remove a Far Cry 6 mini-game based on cockfighting.

Animal Mocking in Far cry 6
Animal Mocking in Far cry 6

According to an Animal Rights Activist 
Turning a horrific blood sport like cockfighting into a Mortal Kombat–style video game match is a far cry from real innovation, as today’s society is strongly opposed to forcing animals to fight to the death

Another image shows cockfighting which is there in far cry 6 by Ubisoft, How far can these game creators go for their publicity?

cock fighting in far cry 6
cockfighting in far cry 6

A famous YouTuber CenterStrain01 Has uploaded a cockfighting video that takes place in far cry 6 

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