Adsense approval trick (100% working)

In terms of getting AdSense approval on your site has never been an easy-to-do task, but it's now literally easy to do that. If you want a quick AdSense approval follow these simple steps. Google AdSense is the best way to earn from the internet.

Adsense approval trick

You can earn from the internet by making a website through blogger and WordPress but with blogger, you can get AdSense approval in a day. Adsense is going to place ads on your website

adsense approval trick

How to Approve Google Adsense Account With Blogger

To get AdSense approval there are some things that you need to follow thoroughly. by sure you will get approval. There are some essential Adsense policies that you need to follow, they are here 

How to Approve Google Adsense Account With Blogger

Here are some of the best Google Adsense tricks:


Content is the heart of your site and the main essential part of your website. Your AdSense approval depends upon your site content. DO NOT copy your content from other sites for that is never going to help you out bros.

The factor on which your website is going to rank is your content, may it be not that good but it must be unique. when you will rank on google, after that you will receive loads of traffic and Adsense loves that, cute organic traffic. there should be at least 10 posts on your website, AdSense has not yet specified how many posts should be there.

Traffic Requirement for AdSense:

let me tell you one thing that even your blog has no views throughout its existence, even then you are going to get AdSense approval for sure. as it happened with me I got AdSense approval with only 1000 views. so no worries boyz.

the only thing that you need to do is to submit your website to different search engines like
  1. google
  2. bing
  3. Yandex
  4. duckduckgo
  5. Baidu

also, write posts daily

Important pages to apply on blogger:

There are some important pages which you need to write 📝 on your website, they are must to write pages.

  1. privacy policy
  2. contact us
  3. disclaimer
  4. about us
  5. terms and conditions 

Website speed:

your website speed must be up to the mark and must be very fast if it is slow it is going to increase its bounce rate which is going to badly affect your SEO.

Google finds the website with more speed and ranks them first.

Using Custom domain:

by using a custom domain your blog will be ranked higher than other people. try buying a top-level domain for your blogger site. but it is not necessary to use a custom domain. you can get Adsense approval for your 
do not worry.

Responsive theme:

the theme that you select for your blogger website must be responsive. a responsive theme means that it fits the screen layout of different types of services of different niches and works accordingly. it is also very crucial for your AdSense approval purposes. If you want to understand more about WHAT A RESPONSIVE THEME IS? CLICK HERE


  1. Sora SEO
  2. Sora mag
  3. Sora one
  4. Mango
  5. Inbio
  6. Median UI v 1.5

Responsive theme is the heart of a website for sure

Other ad networks:

Do not use other ad networks if applied for google Adsense

Common FAQs about Adsense approvals:

When is my site ready for applying for Google AdSense?

your website is ready for applying for google AdSense if you have read everything written in this article.

Can I get AdSense approval in a day?

yes you can, some users can get AdSense approval in a day or so but not many the process can take up to 1 week, please be patient about this.

can I get Adsense approval for the free domain?

yes, you can. but buying a custom domain like a top-level domain will make sure that you get Adsense approval.

Adsense approval trick
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