How to hide messages on Instagram 2021|| hide someone's chat

Hide someone one's chat in instagram

How to hide messages on Instagram 2021
How to hide messages on Instagram 2021

Hey, this is inforealnow here with a new article to hide Direct messages on Instagram.

to hide messages on Instagram you just have to go to your Direct messages list click on that particular message and then click "HIDE" 


Follow these steps:

  • when you receive a dm you will get a notification on your mobile phone, do not decline that, just don't tap on it. it is the same notifications you get for facebook

  • now open your insta app, have access to it click on the insta dm icon, it's on the top right corner of the app. don't worry it is not hidden.

  • Now the insta direct messages will open, the messages which your friends have sent to you, they will open now. please do not open chat which you want to secrete, may it be photos or stories or text

  • Now disconnect yourself from the internet completely, (don't open your inbox now)

  • now logout from your account

  • Now directly turn on the internet connection

Now the ultimate benefit of it to you is that the sender won't see if you have seen the messages


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