what are Hydrogen cars|| Elon musk's biggest rival?

Elon Musk's biggest rival

basically, before starting this article, I wanted you to know that this article is not to defame anybody or to criticize someone in a very bad manner, this is only for information purposes. as we know that a tech giant Elon musk owns a company named tesla which manufactures electronic vehicles. Elon Musk is a billionaire. 

what are hydrogen cars

hydrogen cars are cars that have an engine that is automated from hydrogen, unlike the petrol engine which uses an internal combustion engine. in a hydrogen engine, oxygen is fused with hydrogen chemically to make water. a fuel cell doesn't burn the hydrogen. a fuel cell can run on a steady supply of hydrogen and can work on electricity.

  • It can not take hours to fully fill a hydrogen tank in a vehicle.
  • hydrogen can be pumped into a vehicle's fuel tank just like  petrol

How does it work

 like any other battery, the batteries in hydrogen cars also have a positive terminal and a negative terminal. hydrogen enters the cell from the positive terminal and air enters the cell from the negatively terminal. terminal the positive terminal is made of platinum a metal catalyst designed to speed up the chemistry that happens in the fuel cell when hydrogen atoms reach the catalyst they split up into hydrogen protons and electrons the protons are positively charged they're attracted to the negative terminal so they travel through the electrolyte towards the negative terminal. in the meantime, the electrons flow through the outer circuit and thereby power the electric motor that drives the car's wheels eventually the electrons arrive at the negative terminal to the protons, and electrons recombined with oxygen from the air this chemical reaction produces water the water gets released from the exhaust pipe as water vapor or steam how safe are hydrogen cars well, first of all, they don't need gasoline so you don't have to worry fire or explosion risk from gasoline also they don't need to be plugged into an electric socket they produce zero exhaust Emissions.

diagram of hydrogen car
Diagram of hydrogen car

According to Elon Musk

hydrogen cars are mind boggling stupidity

but there's a staunch reason about Elon musk about whatever is saying about the hydrogen cars. it is that it makes the tesla vulnerable. hydrogen cars are way more effective than tesla.

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