GTA 5 Lag and stutter fix (settings XML file)


If You wanna fix your lag and stutter in your GTA 5, you are in the right place. well boys this is my personal XML file which I use, I hope you people would be knowing how to find and your setting.xml file if not you can check it out HERE.

Fixing the lag in your GTA 5 has always been a difficult job and gamers always have a lot of problems about it. especially the low spec gamer. I myself have played GTA 5 on a 1GB graphics card and 4GB ram. it hurts a lot when your game is not being played to its peak. I know how it feels.

I know it hurts when the sound of the game and the gameplay is not being synced and the lips are ahead of the sound I know it hurts a lot...

well for this particular reason I have decided to distribute a steeings.xml file for this purpose and you can download it from this post. inforealnow will keep on distributing this type of content to its users will keep smiles on its users.

if you are coming from my YouTube channel then spare a moment to subscribe to the channel from HERE.

The settings.xml File


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