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COD 4 AIMBOT+WALLHACK+ELEBOT 2022 presents to you the most wanted Hack of all time, cod 4 aim bot+wallhack+elebot. you guys were having trouble in gaming, don't worry this hack is for you. This article includes all the step-by-step instructions of applying the hack to your game and ruining other gamers' games. after applying the hack, your game would look like this, as far as I know, this hack is the property of jiren hack, which enables you to hack the game. don't you worry the download files are here on this page?. 

it was in my mind that most of the players are facing many issues regarding the playing of the game but it was all the fruits of my research that we now have founded the hack for cod 4 modern warfare aimbot, wallhack, elbow and as well as UAV unlocked.

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  • Features below.
  • =Aimbot=:
  • MultiAim (34 Visible Tag/Bones)
  •  Auto shoot Aimbot Mode (2D,3D, Hitbox) can be crashing if you change it in Menu AimVecs Helicopter Aimbot AutoC4 Hardtrace (just aim through walls)
  •  =Visuals=:
  • Radar Killstats Custom Fonts Radar sizes Radar Modes
  •  =Esp=: Names Distances Classes Weapons Bones Boxes(a&b)
  • Helis Types(names & staff)
  •  World draw anything (cars grenades weapons etc.)
  • =Miscs=:
  • No recoil
  • Killsounds
  • Killtext Auto
  • TroughtBack
  •  Fullbright
  • No Effects CoD4 1.7 AIMBOT - Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare

More screenshots:

well, we will keep on providing these types of hacks to you guys alright!!

COD 4 AIMBOT+WALLHACK+ELEBOT step by step instructions: (watch the video carefully) Don't skip!!


cod 4x client public version          

cod 4 hack ver: 20          

cod 4 hack ver:  19

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